Family wine project from Bulgaria
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Why us?

Limited editions

Our boutique wines are made in very limited releases.

Unique Bulgarian Grapes

Our wines are crafted only by local grape varieties, representing the best of the terroir of Struma Valley.

Leading winemakers

Crafted by famous winemakers , each of them representing its individual style.

Family-owned vineyards

Our wines are made only from our family-owed vineyards.

Our wines

melvino, bulgarian wine,

Vintage 2017 from the rare bulgarian grape variety Early Melnik Vine (Melnik 55)

Reserve melnik 55 2017

Wonderful example of wine from the unique bulgarian grape. Freshy, fruity and soft.

Melnik 55 2019

Two of the most aromatic grapes combines in a great explosion. Perfect summer wine.

sandanski misket/ muscat ottonel 2019

melvino_new rose

Summer story in provance style – this is our rose wine from other unique bulgarian grape.

rose broad-leaved melnik vine 2019

Summer coupage prefectly suitable for your long summer nights.

rose Flamingo 2017

Melvino wine project comes out as the point where the interests of two families merged to work synergistically toward boosting up into a high profile the unique Bulgarian wine sorts of grapes.

The idea started up back in 2009 when 20 000 m2 grapevines have been planted close to Kromidovo village, Blagoevgrad district growing the local sorts, i.e. wide Melnik grapevine, Early Melnic grapevine, Sandanski misket, Melnik 1300, along with muskat ottonel and merlo. Five years later, the first wines emerged on the market labeled out by the brand of ‘Melvino’. The first vintage of this wine project proved to be excellent as compared to the Bulgarian wide production in 2013. Melvino’s Reserve Melnik 55 2013 enjoyed numerous dedicated wine lovers both home and abroad.

Melvino has made its choice for Valeria Stoeva and Kiril Miladinov as partners, being validated as the best-performing Bulgarian technologists bringing their specific input into the making of Melvino’s products. The wines they produce come out in strictly limited series making their dedicated wine lovers knowledgeable of the specifics and the unique character of the Bulgarian sorts grown down the valley of Struma. For their products Melvino puts a high premium on undisputable quality, appealing appearance, and distinguishable brand.

In 2017 Wine project became a member of Bulgarian association of independent winegrowers.

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